Karlovy Vary and Moser Factory

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Karlovy Vary is probably the best known spa town in the Czech Republic. Its history begins in the 14th century, at the time of the reign of Charles IV. The healing powers of the local springs have been tested by such greats as by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great and German poet Goethe. Karlovy Vary also became famous thanks to the local manufacturing of world renowned Moser crystal, Carlsbad porcelain or the herb liqueur Becherovka. After arriving to Karlovy Vary your group will visit the Moser factory and then be taken on a tour of the town centre by our guide to see the most famous geyser Vřídlo (Sprudel) – gushing its mineral water to a height of almost 12 metres. Finally, you will be free to explore the town on your own.

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